Intermediate testine hoş geldiniz.

Şube Seçiminiz (Altunizade, Kadıköy, Maltepe)
101) When --- arrive?

102) Who --- all this mess?

103) He’s French but he --- in London at the moment.

104) What --- of doing now?

105) I --- so tired that I went to bed shortly after dinner.

106) Have you told them the good news ---?

107) --- Thai food?

108) We --- to work yesterday when we heard a loud crash behind us.

109) They realised they --- to take her address so they had to go back and get it.

110) He --- there before so he found it very exciting.

111) We --- on holiday tomorrow so I hope the weather stays warm.

112) They --- to call at this time of night. It's very late.

113) Do you think they --- the championship?

114) The room --- look more cheerful if you paint it yellow.

115) He --- to pass his driving test this time. He’s making too many mistakes.

116) People --- smoke in public buildings. It is not allowed.

117) You --- enter the marathon if you don’t want to.

118) My advice is that you --- find another job. You can’t work with that awful boss any more.

119) I --- be very good at sports when I was a teenager.

120) She --- often sit in the garden after coming home from work.

121) Swimming is one of the --- ways to get fit.

122) The red shoes were --- expensive than the black ones.

123) That shop’s not --- it used to be.

124) We --- have to leave yet, do we?

125) His father was a famous writer, ---?

126) I can't work if I --- very hungry.

127) He won't pass the exam --- he doesn’t study hard for it.

128) Could I borrow your car if I --- to drive it carefully?

129) He --- see the film if he went with an adult.

130) If I --- you, I’d take it back to the shop.

131) How long have you --- the violin?

132) I --- listening to jazz music.

133) He --- swim by the time he was five but he hasn’t learnt to dive yet.

134) We --- to go to the match but we managed to watch it on TV.

135) I’ve just seen --- perfect car for you!

136) I didn't know they had a summer cottage --- south coast of Spain.

137) They seem to have --- money but they don't have many friends.

138) We don't have --- time to go on holiday.

139) That’s the beach --- I first met your father.

140) Is that the coat --- you said you wanted to buy?

141) I’ve got a new job, --- is why I’ve moved to Brussels.

142) We --- arrived on time if the traffic hadn't been so bad.

143) What --- if you hadn't been there?

144) They --- told what to do yet.

145) Their furniture --- by Anne’s husband, who used to be a carpenter.

146) They didn't want to stay late but the boss said they --- to.

147) She said she --- to do it last weekend.

148) I asked her if she --- my new mobile.

149) He promised --- me decorate my house.

150) Why don’t we --- to take them to the airport?

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