Upper-Intermediate testine hoş geldiniz.

Şube Seçiminiz (Altunizade, Kadıköy, Maltepe)
151) What --- at the end of the film? I missed it.

152) Do you mind me asking how old ---?

153) --- if you’d like to meet up tomorrow.

154) They --- in a large house for twenty years before moving to a bungalow.

155) Have you heard from your brother ---?

156) I --- for my car keys for half an hour and I still haven’t found them!

157) Billy --- watching motorbike races.

158) Her parents are very proud. She --- a fantastic job in a well known law firm.

159) How much do you think he --- as director of the company?

160) You should --- what to do when you get to the office.

161) He --- for his plane for an hour when it was suddenly cancelled.

162) When we walked into the hotel, a log fire --- in the fireplace.

163) My car’s just broken down for the third time. I wish I --- it.

164) If only --- a foreign language. I didn't have the choice at school.

165) Jim --- sharing a flat but now he prefers to live on his own.

166) Liane --- complaining about her long drive to work. In the end, she decided to change jobs.

167) They --- us at the weekend. It depends on the weather.

168) He --- hungry when he gets home from football practice.

169) We --- to get married next April.

170) How many people have climbed --- Mount Everest?

171) The children played in the garden with --- ball I’d given them.

172) If you lend me €200, I --- you back at the end of the month.

173) If I --- to your proposal, when could we sign the contract?

174) Children under 15 could attend --- they were with an adult.

175) We --- show our passports when we left the country.

176) We had very little petrol left in the car but we --- get home in the end.

177) This time tomorrow, they --- in San Francisco. How exciting!

178) When do you think you --- painting the house?

179) There are still --- citizens who feel unhappy about the changes made by the government.

180) --- of people rely on public transport to get to work these days.

181) Dad says he --- to cook pasta for dinner tonight.

182) The teacher wanted to know why --- his homework last night.

183) They told --- start work the following Monday.

184) If she --- to be fluent in French, she could have applied for the job.

185) They --- here by now if the train had been on time.

186) If I hadn't ignored my parents advice, I --- a great musician.

187) --- a world class athlete is a lot harder than it looks.

188) You’d --- late for work again or you’ll get fired.

189) She went to the doctor because she keeps --- headaches.

190) She finally stopped --- when the price of cigarettes went up again.

191) I’ll never --- snow for the first time.

192) Do you ever regret --- Canada and returning to your home country?

193) We --- a serious accident when you drove through that red light!

194) The neighbours --- the music from your party. It was terribly loud. You should go and apologise to them.

195) The gym --- I go to work out is open twenty-four hours a day.

196) I wasn't keen on the restaurant --- we went to last weekend.

197) They’re having lunch with his girlfriend’s parents, --- live in Brighton.

198) I almost fell over a pile of books --- on the carpet.

199) A book --- by a twelve-year-old girl has won a €10,000 prize.

200) --- people’s names has always been something I’ve found incredibly difficult.

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